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Digital Signage

Digital advertising and media surfaces are a modern solution for both indoor and outdoor use. The latest LED technology allows for a very sharp and bright moving image and a long energy-efficient lifetime.

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A digital display is a modern solution for commercial and wayfinding signs for both interior and exterior use. It provides cost-effective and versatile visibility for public transport, offices, billboards, display windows, shopping malls and sports halls.

The latest LED technology guarantees a sharp image, long operating life and high capacity to attract customers. The moving image and easily editable content improves the efficiency of the campaign and duration. With the browser-based management application updating information and focusing on several target groups at once is easy.


Nokia Arena

The multi-purpose media complex consists of a giant 13-tonne 216 m² media cube, LED screens (around 400 pieces) and almost 600 m of LED ribbon screens "ribbons" around the stands.

Nokia Arena - a new dimension in audiovisual (media cube, LED strips and LED screens) shows what modern illuminated advertising can do.

The implementation demonstrates our ability to deliver unique and tailor-made signage and audiovisual solutions for even the most demanding sites.

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