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Tammerneon/ Tuotteet/

Channel Letters

Tammerneon is a pioneer in LED channel letter and custom-shaped cabinet signs. The energy-efficient LED technology guarantees a stylish sign with a light structure, easy maintenance and long lifetime of the signage

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LED technology is cost efficient and enables a thinner structure than traditional light sources. Therefore a unit illuminated with LEDs can be designed and shaped in an even more versatile and innovative ways. Content can also be displayed in numerous different colors and color combinations.

The low-voltage LED technology is an energy-efficient and safe choice. A LED-illuminated sign will not heat, and it does not require a safety distance around it or to the surface on which it is installed. Tammerneon uses only the best LED components on the market, which ensures efficient visibility, a long life cycle and low running costs.


Prisma Liisanlehto, Vaasa

Osuuskauppa KPO completed the largest single investment in its history in Vaasa in late 2021. More than 70 light and digital advertising surfaces were customised for the new Prisma, taking advantage of Tammerneon's extensive offering.

In the design, KPO's requirements to be the most energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable Prisma in Finland were carefully taken into account.

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